Promoting a worldwide celebration of Wales

As Wales Week London continues to gather increasing interest, so too it does across the world.

Building on the programme of events held in 8 other places as well as London in 2019, in 2020 Wales Weeks were planned in another 21 locations worldwide, including in Paris, Melbourne, New York, Essex, Ohio, Newcastle, Germany, New England, Beijing, Dublin, Berkshire, North West of England, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Dubai, British Columbia, Kansas, Pittsburgh, Toronto . . . unfortunately some of them had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, but we've also had tremendous interest from a number of additional locations since then - watch this space!

This year we're envisaging a worldwide schedule of events, that brings the activities listed in each location into a single on-line, epic programme - and with more and more events being hosted on-line, this will attract audiences from around the world regardless of where an event might be held.

Wales Weeks around the world

We work with international diaspora organisations; if you represent a Welsh diaspora community, group or society and are interested in bringing your St David's Day celebrations alongside the Wales Week Worldwide movement then please get in touch - there are no fees / charges, quite the contrary, we try to support you as much as we possibly can, and a Wales Week in your region can be a great fillip to boost engagement and membership for your society, as well as a great way to share Wales with the locals!

Find out where other Wales Weeks are taking place

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